Company Theme:

BD Creation works with the objective for the job creation of the jobless people in Bangladesh using the local material and skills. Our goal is to connect the non-traditional handicrafts items into the world market by participating in different trade fairs like in Frankfurt and in Hong Kong. We have good work forces who are professional and they are working round the clock to meet the buyer’s requirements and keep in touch with the world’s trend as it is a very trendy sector. We always invite innovative ideas and try to accommodate that in our product range. Our strength is the huge man power in Bangladesh who desperately needs job for a good living. We believe that sound understanding between buyers and sellers, competitive prices & on time delivery schedule can make the difference in business.



BD CREATION is the modified version of our previous company “B.T. Creation”. It started its activities since 1998 after an intensive research and marketing in the WEST. That experience has given us the opportunity to learn and know the positive impact of green products for the environment and that is why our moto is “LIVE WITH NATURE”.

BD CREATION was awarded with the prestigious NATIONAL EXPORT TROPHY for it’s contribution into Bangladesh economy in non-traditional handicrafts sector, for innovating environment friendly products and due to substantialinvolvement in export (more than 3 million US$ per year). Our firm has also been nominated for CIP (Commercial Important Person) status, a recognition of honour all over the world.

Continuous market research, improvements and acquired experiences through active participation in different exhibitions all over the world “BD CREATION” has emerged with more diversities and innovations to meet the client’s changing requirements and progressive market demand.


People Behind:

Mr. Belal Hossain, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is having vast experience in this handicrafts sector as long as he has been doing this business for the last 25 years. He has made his position unique out of many due to his innovative ideas, international work related experiences, hard work, dedication, honesty and prioritizing client’s requirements. Moreover, his way of managing administration has already become well accepted nationally and internationally due to his long time defence experience. It is pertinent to point out that Mr. Belal had served long time in Bangladesh Navy with a very good reputation.

Mr. Mustafa Ahamed Pias, COO (Chief Operating Officer) is a very dynamic personality who has established his position very strong in this business for the last few years due to his wisdom, deliberate decision making capability, proactive approach and hard work. He completed his education from United Kingdom and served almost 3 years in different organizations over there in UK as a good performer. Due to his timely and realistic decision BD Creation has extended its operation in different locations in Bangladesh through which many jobless people have got opportunities to work and explore themselves. Due to his personal intrusion BD Creation has established a fully compliant factory in Bangladesh where lots of foreign clients come almost every month to visit and share their innovative ideas. As a result of this contribution, BD Creation has become a brand in handicrafts sector.

Mr. Imran Khan (Director) is having more than 11 years’ experience to work in home and abroad with ISO certified companies. Due to his outstanding academic background and professional expertise he got excellent opportunities to work with multinational companies in UAE for long time having responsible position. He is also having NEBOSH IGC, UK (National Examination Board on Occupational Safety and Health, International General Certificate) which helps to work with necessary safety precautions. He is very competent to ensure quality products. He is having potential marketing skills to market eco-friendly products internationally.

We believe that the expertise and the experiences that we individually have, is put together for a better future for all and our strength as a team can meet up the demand of international market and follow the rules of the law in international trade.


Technical Information:

Office Staff : 50
Factory Staff : 200
Artisans : 5000
Production Capacity / Month : 40 x 40’ Containers
Production Lead Time : 75-90 days
Payment Term : L/C @ Sight or TT (30 % / 70%)
Annual Turnover : US$ 03 Million


International Appearance:

  1. International Trade Fair (Ambiente) at Frankfurt, Germany.
  2. International Household Fair in Hong Kong.
  3. International Trade Fair (Tendence) at Frankfurt, Germany.
  4. Mega Show Part-1 in Hong Kong.


Some Major Clients:

BD Creation exports its goods to around 65 countries all over the world. Out of many, we are mentioning below few of our major clients from different parts of the world:

  1. USA – BBBY, CPWM, Hobby Lobby, Napa LLC, Home Goods, TJ Maxx etc.
    • Argentina – Cencosud, Falabella, Familia Garcia etc.
    • Brazil – YSM, CintiaCovali Ltd, Camicado etc.
    • Mexico – Asara, Cantia etc.
  2. Canada – Urban Barn, Wicker Emporium, G!etc.
  3. Europe –
    • Germany – Boltze, Thomas Philipps, Depot, Gift Company etc.
    • UK – Dunelm Mill, Eastland Trading, Sifcon etc.
    • The Netharlands – Kersten, Keramische Limburg, HK Living, Kitchen Trend Products, Loods 5 etc.
    • Sweden – Affari, 2M2 Trading, Farg&Form, Axstores, Ahlens, Flora Deco, Interstil etc.
    • Austria – XXX Lutz, Blumen Schuster etc.
    • Spain – Arte Regal, Andrea House, Ixia etc.
    • France – Habitat, SIA, Sobo, Maisons du Monde etc.
    • Denmark – SostreneGrenes Import, JYSK, Hubsch etc.
    • Italy – Arredamento In, Due Esse SRL etc.
    • Croatia–Plodine, Aquamaritime OOC etc.
    • Polland – BBK
  4. United Arab Emirates –Home Centre, Pan Emirates, Homes R us, Basicxx etc.
  5. South Korea – Market B, Vivi Casa, Eland Retail, Decofarm etc.
  6. Japan – Fuji Boeki Co Ltd.
  7. Australia – Flower Power, Provincial Home Living, Cane Design, Heaven & Space etc.

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